Beta: Playbook for the Future

I have reached out for feedback to athletes and futurist. Jack Silverstien, a sports futurist and fan, provided academic journals to research about virtual reality and the popularity of eSports. I have also taken polls on Facebook and Instagram. Furthering the utility of this DA is to inform, inspire and encourage sports fans to research about different sports and how to improve or fall more in love with sports. I do that by giving them snippets of research that they could explore in a entertaining video.


A Look into the Future of Sports: A Study of the Actual State of the Art – the Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality. (2018). 2018 International Conference on Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications (CoBCom), Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications (CoBCom), 2018 International Conference On, 1.

Ellis, Cat. (2018). “The teck powering the 2020 Olympic Games”. Techradar.

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Ray, Tyler. (2019). “Soft, skin-interfaced wearable systems for sports science and analytics”. Science Direct. Vol 9. Pgs 47-56.

6 thoughts on “Beta: Playbook for the Future

  1. Hi Amanda
    Interesting Digital Artefact you got here, exploring how future technologies and trends are impacting the future of sports. Basing this statement on your beta I assume that you are sticking to your original idea of putting out 3 video series called “playbook for the future”, covering the short term (1-2 years), medium term (5-10 years) and long term (25+ years) of the future of sports. I assume you are sticking to your theoretical approach to your DA, but what you primarily want to improve on is your presentation of your information.

    I looked through your videos and it’s clear that the video production quality has improved comparing them all, as you started to use third party apps such as Powtoon. I am also doing video essays for my DA and aesthetics is a main focal point of my project, I suggest you use video editing software such as imovie and Adobe Premiere as you have far more control of how you want to present your information. I suggest you look into volkgiest on youtube, though his content probably won’t appeal you the way he presents his information is aesthetically pleasing. I recommend you watch this video from him, I hope this gives you an understanding on how much more you can do when making a video essay.

    I see you already published the final video of your video series “playbook of the future”, will you by any chance be making a wrap up video briefly covering all aspects in the 3 videos and drawing a conclusion? If so I suggest looking into the media and the future. This article can be helpful in your research if you do decide to look into it;
    Chapter 6 of this academic Article just around page 108 it goes over how sport broadcasting is revenue, this potentially means that every sporting league and event will have their own channel eliminating big sporting networks like BBC.
    As media is the main driving force for sports, it will always be relevant in all terms of the future short, medium and long.

    Very interested to see how your DA will shape up in the end. If you need a hand in obtaining video editing software I’ll be happy to help.
    – Eric


  2. Hey Amanda! I just skimmed through your video series and it’s great to see the improvements and adjustments you’ve taken throughout the ‘Playbook for the Future’ series. I totally agree with you in your latest post that in the near future, the Olympic will feature sports for hover boards, jet packs and robots! I also predict that we’ll have battles/competitions through virtual reality (comparable like the movie ‘Ready Player One’, mentioned in your second video). I really liked how you have used your blog for this platform, as I liked reading your post under the actual video which I found intriguing.

    Your utility is clearly stated but am wondering the type of feedback you’ve received from the public? Are you posting the content straight onto your blog as is and are you getting the engagement as desired. I feel as though blogs are always hard to increase engagement and build upon followers, and I suggest promotion through platforms such as Reddit and word of mouth will help with this. Great to see the tags you use in your posts and awesome to see you reaching out to sports players through twitter, as well as building engagement with your audience through your Facebook and Instagram polls- how has this worked for you?

    Another platform such as Instagram could have also been good in posting a short snippet of your video/picture along with a short statement in the caption on what the topic is would have worked too, to hopefully leverage on some people and link them to your blog. 

I like Eric’s idea above in maybe looking to post some type of concluded video that perhaps shows/states some key findings from your videos. As its easily posted onto your blog, even one short podcast will be fine I think, as it’ll also give you the opportunity to explore with a wider range of audiences that listen to podcasts too. Sweet overall job ! 🙂


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